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Discover Our Passion for Exquisite Fragrances

Welcome to L&L Essentials, where we invite you to immerse yourself in the captivating world of our premium candle collections. Our meticulously handcrafted candles are designed to transform your space with unforgettable fragrances.

Our Founder

Alisa Tiller

Hello, I'm Alisa! With a background as a trained pastry chef, I've always had a passion for creating delightful experiences, whether in the realm of desserts or candle making. Similar to baking, candle making allows me to experiment with fragrances and craft them into beautiful scents. Additionally, I take pride in designing each candle with one-of-a-kind colorway patterns, making them truly unique. I want to highlight the exceptional quality of our candles, which are made using premium satin soy and coconut waxes. These vegan, non-toxic waxes are sourced locally in the USA, ensuring a clean and eco-friendly product. It is my sincere hope that you thoroughly enjoy our candles, as much as we take joy in handcrafting them. Thank you for choosing L&L Essentials, where we strive to create memorable moments through the artistry of scents.