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Burn Time: 80 Hours

Key Notes: Peach, Pineapple & Champagne

Indulge in the sweet and juicy aroma of fresh peaches with our "Peachy" candle. This scented candle offers a delectable blend of ripe peach, tropical papaya, juicy pineapple, and sparkling champagne, creating a mouth-watering fragrance that's reminiscent of homemade peach cobbler.

As you light the "Peachy" candle, the luscious aroma of fresh peaches fills the air, while the tropical notes of papaya and pineapple add a fruity and exotic touch to the scent. The effervescence of champagne accentuates the sweetness of the fragrance, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that's perfect for any occasion. I So, light up this candle, sit back, and savor the deliciously sweet scent of ripe peaches in season.